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      ABOUT US

      In 2001 the Shanghai Tongwei Biotechnology Co. Ltd was founded within Shangha i Academy of Agriculture Science. It has more than ten intermediate and senior scientific and technological specialists, two subcompanies, four offices, two bases of production and experimentation, and one research institute. The major business of the company is the research and deveopment of the technologies in agricultural chemistry, biochemistry and biology. The company is a national joint venture science and technology enterprise with performance of integrating science, industry and trade. Zhang Changshu is a senior engineer.

      He had been awarded first prize for his multiple high-new technical achievements and the science and technology paper at national class. Also he has developed six classes, more than twenty new products and new technologies in agricultural fertilizer, agricultural chemistry and.

      Engineer zhangchangshu Manager zhangjiangchuan biofodder. Now the company is centered in Shanghai to develop business nation wide and overseas. Under the guidance thought of Devout Prestige as Fundamental and Technology to Be in Front, the company is fast growing and welcoming peer incorporate participation, reciprocity and developing together.

      Shanghai Tongwei Co. Ltd is a company mainly in development of agricultural biotechnology, focus on developing production of various humic acid 、 amino acid 、 fulvic acid 、 gibberellic acid 、 salicylic acid 、 complex sodium nitrate 、 DA-6 、 gibberellin etc. protopowder and biochemical preparation ; also focus on developing production of various foliar fertilizer 、 flushing fertilizer 、 drip irrigation fertilizer 、 water culture solution etc. series products. Meanwhile, the company also manufacture and operate aquiculture and biofodder additive 、 fertilizer synergist 、 organic fermentation fugus agent 、 soil conditioner 、 nursling and flower fertilizer 、 biochemical organic fertilizer etc. multiple agricultural chemical products.

      Product Center

      Description of Biotechnology
      Fulvic Acid (BFA) Product Series

      The biological substances and biochemical techology have been introduced in our company for developing Fulvic Acid (BFA) Products which have been producing. And for its safe and reliable quality and the good effect of using, the product has been extended to agriculture fertilizer, farming and aquiculture etc. And it has been applied. The quantities of sale and production and developing power of science and techology have been the leading status in deomestic and many of porduct have been exporting to southeast Asia, Europe and America etc.

      BFA Powder

      Type A —— BFA≥95%
      water-insoluble substance≤3%, pH5-7. This product is coffee brown powder, water-soluble. It is a kind of vegetative BFA, which contains high contents of biological activity group, a little gibberellin and indole butyric acid and is able to chelate strongly with trace elements; it resist acid, alkali and bivalence and have no sedimentation in any water; and so it is suitable to be used as a main part or synergistic agent of high concentration foliar fertilizer, flush fertilizer and pesticide; The product can enhance the capabilitys of crops such asdisease resistance and drought resistance, promote growth, improve soil, increase the effec fertilizer, improve the quality of crops and is propitious to increase output of crops.
      電話:021- 32170695
      • 郵編.:201800

      • 傳真:021- 62727786

      • 地址:上海市膠州路699號1901室

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